Inan Kardesler Hotel Uzungol (Trabzon) Small Hotel

July 22, 2015 – 12:31 pm

We don't usually do it, but today we took one of the ship's tours. We chose the "Trabzon Highlights" to get an overall tour of the town. When we choose to go on "free" tours we know they can be hit and miss, but when we pay $150 for a 3 hour tour for the two of us, we expect it to be pretty informative. We had the bad luck of getting a guide who could barely speak English. It was painful trying to ...

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... br> *The climate in this area is obviously very different in the winter- we see signs stipulating the use snow chains & there are barriers built near the roadside to prevent drifting of snow. Indeed Erzurum, our destination turns out to be the highest large town in Turkey and is a ski centre. We are staying just down the road from the ski slopes.

*We notice a rough track leading up the mountain just beside our hotel ...

Arriving at Trabzon provided me with a first; my first glimpse of the Black sea….I think.

Despite it being cloudy for the first time since Salzburg, the water still looked so inviting. Let us hope that we get a chance for a dip in Georgia ...

Now and then we would pass clusters of beehives in the mountains. The surrounding flora tended to support this by being very colourful (purples and yellows). Herds of sheet could also be seen scaling the steep mountains.

A long travel day today and such a worthwhile ...

... one time. If, over the last few days Id had the balls frozen off me wth the at times Arctic weather, well this surely thawed them out!! And afterwards they didnt skimp on the towels - instead ur swathed in about 6 different towels and u do a fine impression of a mummy while sitting in ur cabin drying out. Oh and it had a really nice 3 tiered water fountain wth pewter ewers to decant the H2O into Ottoman style tankards from which to quench ...

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